16 February 2005

Baking Theory notes : Rye


Rye Upclose and Personal  by P1r

Parts of The Rye kernel:

  1. Germ = Very core, inner center, where sprout develops.
  2. Bran = outer Layer wrapped around the germ.
  3. Endosperm = inner middle of the kernel.
About Rye :
  1. Rye has no Gluten
  2. Rye flour used on it's own makes for a very dense bread. -- an example of this is Pumpernickel.
  3. Usually mixed with a hard four to produce better bread.

Rye Flour Types:

  1. "Light" rye flour -- made from inner most endosperm
  2. "Medium" rye flour --- made from whole endosperm
  3. "Dark" rye flour --- made from Outer endosperm
  4. Rye "Meal" -- made from whole kernel


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