25 February 2005

Baking Theory Notes: Sweeteners


---Sugar in bread dough is an additive

  1. [Basic bread formula: water, flour, salt]

Functions of sweeteners:

  1. Sweeteners are Hydroscopic --> [bind moisture]

without sweeteners you have Pale bread / pastry
  1. can be the result of adding no sugar
  2. or yeast dissolved [was eaten] during the intial mixing.
  1. in cakes and cookies
+ Stabilizer
  1. In cakes
+ Fermentation Control

  1. A dough which makes it's own fermentation using sugar, makes a richer , complex flavor.
  2. Dough high in sugar takes a long time to ferment
  3. sugar sucks moisture out of yeast.

Types of Sweeteners:

  1. beets
  2. Cain
  1. Used for icings & fillings
  2. Look On the back of the package / recipe, The higher the amount of eggs they list to add, the finer the sugar you should use.
+Hi-Fructose Corn Syrup
  1. Cheaper
  2. more efficient
  3. Fructose is a simple sugar, easily broken down in the body.


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