22 February 2005

Baking theory Notes: Other Flours

Other Flours used in production bakery:

+Brown Rice

  1. when milled produces Rice Flour
  2. Heavy, dark flour
  3. Very rich flavor
  4. Gives heavy character to bread or whatever it is added to.

+Soy Flour

  1. finely ground soy beans
  2. added to other flours
  3. Enriched more than other flours
  4. Low fat content
Potato flour
©1996-2003 Lori Alden, As seen on The Cook's Thesaurus.Click picture. 


  1. Flavor goes well with wheat
  2. Moistens bread

+Vital Wheat Gluten

  1. Manufactures for supplementing in gluten, for strength.
  2. Starches are stripped from the sponge/starter & marketed as "pure gluten".


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