24 February 2005

Puff Pastry Basket I created.

Basket I made using puff pastry dough..

I made this early on in my culinary training, the first time.
I cut long strips of dough from the puff pastry, and I used a rectangular roasting pan up side down, sprayed with non-stick spray & parchment. Then I "wove" the strips in a basket weave around the roasting pan - starting at the top of the pan. Once covered, I put the pastry covered pan on a parchment line sheet pan, and into a hot convection oven. Baked until golden brown & crispy.

When it had cooled, it was put on a platter covered in mint sprigs & garnished with limes and lemons. Then filled with muffins to be served a breakfast banquet.

Taken some time in June 1999.


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