01 February 2005

Bread or Dead

Warning: This post definitely falls into the category 'singular obsessions!'

Like most people, I've gone through life unable to identify very many activities of which I could say that I was a bit of a dab hand and that I actually pursue, but weirdly enough baking is one of them. I can't recall when I started, but I did, and I've continued to this day. Generally, if I feel like eating bread, I'll bake it. --- quote by Ciarán O'Kelly from the post Bread or Dead

I stumbled upon this blog Neither Indifferent nor Sceptical blogged by Ciarán O'Kelly
Location:Belfast, United Kingdom

It is a simple yet honest quote. It makes me want to tap into my literary reserves and write blog material that is good...real good. Maybe I have been letting things slide? I eat sleep - Bakery. But that is the catch 22 -- finding something you love. Something that makes you ache inside and yearn for the whole truth [ALL the ins & outs] , that pushes your intellectual and creative side, and not letting it consume you to the point of neglecting your other duties. Your other life.

But when you have several "somethings", then what? Do you lose yourself in a scrambled frenzy? When Do you make time in between your creative interests & pursuits? The Internet can be a breeding ground for such as this --- you find newer nests, prettier hatchlings. Your old nest feels quite boring. So you go searching & get pulled in. Sites/blogs/stores/chatrooms ---all advertising , all different , all specialized in your field/interest. Oops , where did the time go?

Before you know it, the time you had set out for productive means - is gone.


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