18 January 2005

Assembly of Cake

Today I make cake. I have been requested to make some kind of cake with a "baby foot" theme, for a baby shower.

I ordered 2 full sheets, of devil's food[chocolate], from our cake dept.

Today I will be taking a little drive over the river to The Decorate Shop, the only cake/candy supply shop in the metro area. I need a cake box. They always have great service, and the price s aren't bad.

I wanted to do a poured ganache but I am still thinking maybe a lighter buttercream might be better. Plus I can use the white background, the colors are pastels.

I am thinking that a standard sheet cake will do the trick. Too many people for a 8 inch round.

I need to get a smaller metal spatchula [3 1/4 "] , one with a point at the end, to help smooth over the delicate decorations.

I am doing a raspberry & ganache filling. The sides will be smooth. Either a dot or basic shell border.


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