13 January 2005

Poetry : Grandfather

"Grandfather" was written on the day of my grandfather's death. I had a seat in my uncles vineyard looking out across the grapevines and the towering blues beyond..this inspired me.

Where are you?

Among the dust and vines scattered below my feet,

keeping what little warmth to nurture the roots?

Are you amongst the wings of the prairie chickens,
whimpering in content like a silent flute?

Are you the breeze who shelters us from the unwanted heat,
shivering under the soft spoken branches ---

these who nod their lonely solitude?

are you growing amongst the vines,
helping to guide your grieving wife, daughters and sons?

If I stood among the hills, rubbed the soil on me,
would you rise through my veins---

your spirit radiating to those who know?

Do you float on the tides in murky river water?

Could you take shape as the iridescence dew on the newly harvested fruit?

Or ,
do you linger amongst the barrels only hesitating in fermented fumes,

is your spirit just with us all,
by unspoken

Amber © All Rights Reserved. May 28, 1995


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