14 January 2005

Poetry : These Soulless Times!

This poem is a nod to some of my favorite poets. A bit old fashioned in it's stanzas.


Past and future stand -
mirror like images
on a vast plateau.

Trip the light fantasy -
ethereal profusion
and transcriptions.

Far from the falsehoods
and these soul-less times.

Numb to the pinprick counter action,
and calculated dreams.

I find sanctuary without any grounds.

The peace I seek
has no conventions,
like the countless nothings
without any visions.

I seek and find -
my ebbing...
deep patterned thoughts
and rhyme less conjectures.

My moods are forever roaming.
dipping like pools,
seeping into the countless cracks ---
which form in our crooked streets.

----Amber ©All Rights Reserved.Aug. 24.1999


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