19 January 2005

Waging a war?? Me or them....

Long enough, I said. Long enough. Awkwardness. I arrive in the morning and I am confronted with the icky sweet fakeness. Another day to smile at the new kid ---not really wanting to know who she is, just wanting to seem nice, for convenient approval.

This bothers me so damn much. I thought baking would be removed from the kiss your ass, spit on your face shit. The days usually start out, in the cafe, everyone at the "special" table. They all cower beside this table, pull there chairs up to it. Then a repeat at lunch. Baking on one side of the massive room, culinary on the other. Lines were drawn sometime ago.

So here we have it. A baking "Cliche", measured by how much you can talk about someone behind their back, and bitch. Then they make jokes " how some people don't want to be part of them", Why? When everyone must be assimilated and "go along". What kind of bullshit is that? I am a failure I guess because I am straight up. I want to know someone for who they are. Not everyone is this way though , but they tolerate this ritual, out of habit I think.


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