21 January 2005

More new Poetry stuff ... " Phlebotomy"

A poem about blood donation, through the eyes of the phlebotomist.

Blue shades,
heart beats wander uneven skin.

Illusive tributaries
pushed to the surface sporadically.

More apparent once red color
floods vulnerable tissues.

rubbery at first palpitation.

Cold fingers,
tap skin with skin

Make mental notes---
..."Position"..."Depth"..."How rubbery?"

Latex snaps.
Antecubital scrubbed yellow,
odor is one of sterility.

Needle uncapped,
reveals flinty surgical steel from within.

Pursed between thumb, forefinger.

Bevel penetrates flesh.

Elegant, yet forceful insertion.

Hollow needle---
---not hollow intentions.

---Amber © Jan. 11,2005. All Rights Reserved



1:06 PM, March 02, 2009 Reply  

Very powerful. The short sentences lend a certain edge to the poem, and the images are spot on. Chilling.

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