05 January 2005

Poetry : Senior Citizen

This poem was written in response to the ever growing problem our elderly are facing. So many elderly are left to wither in apartments, houses or  senior citizen homes - they lack human contact and are ignored by the younger society. Volunteer your time - affect someone who is lonely or who has no family.

Senior Citizens by nicubunu.photo

He is old -
As if life itself was creaking,
Like one big porch swing.

So many years -
Like the rusty links of a chain
needing to be oiled,
From so much wear as time jolts
taking it's tole.

His bones lay -
weathered and splintering
like old boards.

His skin, missing the radiant glow
Of it's youthful shellac,
Now wrinkled, grayed
And aging.

If not left in corner somewhere
under a layer of dust;

If well oiled with respect-
He will glide,
Carrying you on many adventures.

Last Journey by  izahorsky

Memories will flow
like a welcomed breeze on a humid,
Summer night.

And he will bask in "usefulness"

Not ill and forgotten
in the darkened storage of loneliness.

Waiting 3 by sheilaz413

--- Amber© All rights reserved. Dec.12, 1995


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