10 January 2005

Berry Nice Puree

The Berries are washed in a colander.

I chose to use 3 types of berries for my puree: Blueberry,Raspberry & Blackberry. I thought it would add subtle layers of flavor.

Juice and finely mashed fruit collect in the bowl.

Once the berries were rinsed thoroughly in cold water, I placed a fine sieve over a small bowl. I used a soup ladle to push the berries into the sieve, thus separating the juice and fruit from the seeds.

These are the left over seeds.

I then discarded the seeds ( did this at least 4 times) and added the fruit to my food processor.
I blended until almost smooth [do not over blend or the puree will be to thin] Added a small amount of sugar. Set aside.

This was added to my buttercream & used as a syrup brushed onto the sheet cake layers. It gives the cake flavor and also helps keep the cake moist.

After I was done the house was perfumed with berries, quite honestly it reminded me of summer.


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