17 January 2005

Let The Music Play! --Caring about electronic sharing online!

IF you care about music, check this site out, There are lot's of good links:

Music Droid by The Smurf

Congress has given copyright holders expanded subpoena powers similar to those granted to government officials under the USA PATRIOT Act. This means that whether or not you use peer-to-peer file-sharing programs, the recording industry (or anyone who claims to be a rights-holder!) can easily gain access to your personal information - without a judge's oversight.

Industry representatives say that the subpoenas and lawsuits are necessary to protect recording artists. But suing fans doesn't pay artists. Neither does threatening every Internet user's civil liberties. We need a constructive solution. EFF advocates offering fans a legal way to use P2P programs while ensuring that artists get paid.

EFF isn't alone in recognizing that lawsuits are not the answer. We have assembled some information on compensating artists while making P2P legal. Feel free to read it and pass it along.

There are over 60 million people in the United States who use file sharing - more than the number of people who voted for our current President. If we all band together and stand up for our rights, we can change the law.

Help end the P2P war. Become an EFF member today so the music can play on.


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