03 January 2005

Back in the saddle or in this case ...apron again!

First day, originally uploaded by abstract2concrete. 

I was so nervous all night...I couldn't even sleep, I fell asleep around 1 a.m.

Just knowing that I would soon be in a production bakery setting again was very exciting and at the same time nerve raking.

----- the night before ---

Last night I got really stressed about not having my uniform together, the whites I'd ordered through the department weren't in yet. I wasn't able to get the whites or coat due to funding issues, and my aide check wasn't available until today. No stores were open that had uniforms anyway, So I went on a thrift store hunt --- at 5 p.m on a holiday weekend, on a Sunday!

I found a white short sleeve shirt that worked, but no white pants , I checked both men's and women's.

At one store I found 4 brand new chefs coats, and I thought "score!" but that was a let down ---all were size 4XX .Much too big. At the same store I found some "Skid Buster" culinary clogs and sneakers (brands that go for $50.00 online) -- brand new in boxes, after sifting through the size 15 men's I found size 7 in men's white sneakers. I tried them on and they fit good. They were $12.00 ! So I did score a good deal. Who cares if they were guys shoes.

----Arrival -----

Frost was on the ground all day, so it was quite cold. I ended up buying my culinary whites at the college bookstore. So I walked past my class 2 times. Then I thought, "oh, crap - I should suite up". So I hurried to the restroom to put on my new white pants.

I was still so jittery. But eventually I calmed down and breathed a little easier. The 2nd year students went off to their various stations,while me and the other new, 1st year, students went through orientation.

As we rounded the orientation out by touring the bakery and kitchen, I felt like screaming: " it is truly bliss to realize what path you want, and are taking in life!", and I felt very at home with the smells of the kitchen, and the kindred spirits around me.


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